Friday, October 30, 2015

Extra Life and Thoughts

Per usual I am behind on posting anything about my latest trip and/or what I created.  I will certainly get around to it but it was a truncated trip so I didn't even get to re-hydrate my dinner.  I am working on something more important as of late.....

I'd like to take a moment to talk about what I am doing on Nov 7th.  I am a nerd and nerds play video games.  Except, in a few short days, my gaming will be purely for the benefit of the Children's Miracle Network and specifically Duke's Children Hospital.  People from around the nation will be playing games for 24 hours in a nerd-a-thon in order to raise money for their chosen hospital.  I've been trying to get some sponsors and donors but haven't made it very far into my $500 goal yet so I am extending out to the world, strangers, and anyone reading my blog to donate a couple dollars to this cause.  I'd rather you donate to this over clicking any of my affiliate links.

If you have a big heart and some spare money, please consider donating through this link.  I wish I had something to offer like a prize to win as incentive, but I do not.  Instead, use it as a tax write-off or to kick-off the holiday season with a gift to pay for the care of some really sick or injured kids.

For the GearHeads!

I'm sure most of you have seen the news so far that REI will be closing for Black Friday.  Kudos to them and I hope it sets a trend for others.  In fact, as of last night, I read that Outdoor Research will be doing the same.  BRAVO to both of these companies.  Earlier in the week I had contacted Outdoor Research due to some adhesive goo in my aging bivy sack.  This thing is nearly 20 years old.  The return response is that that want to replace my bag completely with a brand new one.  Outdoor Research just went way up the chart in my reputable companies list, not to mention they have some pretty decent gear.

I'd like to start adding in some reviews on my experience with gear and or companies in the near future to complement my lack of updates with Paleo-specific posts.  I know you can get reviews all day long from various sites but I wouldn't mind pitching in my own thoughts every once in a while.  Would anyone be interested in reading more of my drivel on the equipment I use?  Let me know.

Thank you all for anyone that has read this blog in this past.  I know I don't update often but I want to share what works for me and I certainly hope it helps others.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Inspired to do Asian Paleo for the trail

I haven't done much in the way of updating this blog nor my other plethora of websites due to an unrelenting year in IT.  I've done a few day hikes and I am prepping for a trip out to the Smokies for a weekend in October.  So, I thought it would be a good time to blow the dust of this thing.  I'm planning on some different recipes for this trip.  I've been experimenting with myself a bit so I think I will be changing up for the upcoming weekend with a heavier carb load in the evenings.  From the past trips I've tried to stick with a pretty strict Ketogenic style but it seems to have left me without as much energy as I might require.  I am a pretty thin person and I blow through any meal I consume so I think I will be safe with a carb load in the evening to restore glycogen levels.  My next dinner recipe should reflect that....after I figure out what I want to try and dehydrate.

Having said that I picked up a copy of Russ Crandall's Paleo Takeout: Restaurant Favorites Without the Junk.  If you're not familiar with The Domestic Man's site then do yourself a favor and head over there for some recipes.  Russ tends to lean more into his own version of Paleo and isn't afraid of dairy or starchier items.  It may not be the best approach for those battling SIBO, Candida, or other intestinal issues but I don't find a problem with it generally speaking.  I'm sure the more fanatical Paleo people will recoil in horror at some of the recipes.  Regardless, I've found his recipes to be very flavorful so he must have an excellent palate.  So, I didn't hesitate to grab a copy of Paleo Takeout.  It's mostly Asian meals (and yes rice is sometimes used) but there are also some American favorites.  I have been thoroughly impressed so far with all of the meals that I have chosen to create.  Do yourself a favor a grab a copy of this.  If you use the link above then, well, you'll do me a favor as well via Amazon but it's really only a few pennies at a time.  Anyway, it's worth the money for this title and has given me some inspiration for my next meal to try and prep, specifically; perhaps something with a little rice to up the carbs.  A year ago the mention of rice probably would've made me cringe but like anything else, moderation is always key.

Back to work I go, and when I return on here, I should have a perfectly crispy dehydrated meal for the trail and maybe something else new if I feel particularly inventive.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Paleo-powered AT section hike

From the freezing peak of Big Bald.
I headed out for the weekend to Sam's Gap along the Appalachian Trail down to Nohlichucky River.  This is a beautiful section of the AT following the border or TN and NC with 360 degree views from Big Bald (even of Mt Mitchell in the distance which is the highest peak east of the Mississippi) along with a moderate to strenuous trail that bumps along ridges and ends near the quaint town of Erwin, TN.  I only wish I could've stayed on top of Big Bald for a while longer but the weather (even though it looks inviting in the picture) was absolutely brutal.  Our hike in Friday night included driving winds and cold rain.  By the time we got to Big Bald the next morning the grass was blown over with a thick layer of ice and 40mph winds on top.  My hands were numb so it took numerous tries to get the phone to even recognize my fingers.  I snagged a couple shots and moved on.  Later we spoke with some thru-hikers mentioning that this was the coldest day they had experienced since beginning.

Soooo...what did I eat on my trip?

Saturday Breakfast

I didn't really change up my formula for breakfast.  I am content with pickled eggs and bacon.  I tried a different formula with my coconutter squares that included cocoa powder, cinnamon, vanilla, and some almonds.  It didn't turn out quite like I expected so I am going to tweak it a bit before publishing the full recipe.  I wanted a chocolate taste as a breakfast "dessert" but between it being hard as a rock from the weather and the cocoa taking over, it was more bitter than I was expecting.  I didn't have time to make another batch before leaving so I just went with it and kind of just chewed and swallowed.

Saturday Lunch

I was kind of proud of my lunch.  I'll call it faux-carribean as that was the flavor I was shooting for.  I made a batch of turkey jerky that utilized salt, pepper, garlic powder, and a local hot sauce.  I managed to screw this up as well since I over-dryed my turkey and it was less of a jerky and more of a crunchy.  So be it.  I then dehydrated a pineapple and tossed in some coconut flakes.  So I had a tangy hot, fruity, coconut mix.  The flavor profile worked wonderfully.  The texture was the only issue.  I have to say that dehydrated pineapple is pretty darn close to candy, so much so that it could be dangerous.  I also ate some more of my choco-coconutter mishap and some more bacon.

Oh and yes if someone wants the recipe/instructions for this I will certainly put it together sans the over-drying part.  Just let me know in the comments section.

Saturday Dinner

I was looking forward to FINALLY eating my Beef Stew from PaleoMealsToGo. I read through the instructions and fired up the JetBoil to heat some water.  The JetBoil dutifully complied with my request for quick boiling water while I opened the package and hunted down the moisture pack hidden within my meal and then shook the ingredients as described by the instruction.  I tossed in the water and let it sit while I made another batch of hot water for some tea.  While my friend was making his own meal he turned and said "That smells wonderful!".  I had to agree.  I was ready to chow down on this thing and once I got everything stirred up it definitely beat the look of what I normally prep for myself.  There are visible chunks of beef, mushrooms, and veggies.  Other freeze dried meals I have eaten in the past are usually just little nubs of colored things that sort of resemble food.  This looked like it came right from the stove top.  So presentation itself is a plus.  I dumped in my packets of Celtic Sea Salt that it came with and I should've mixed that better as I think I ate all the salt in a few bites.  I am a salt fiend, and after having sweated out most of my salt reserves, I wanted more than what was allotted (a minor complaint).  I have to say though this was definitely a very tasty meal.  I could taste all of the ingredients distinctly.  The proportion given was also solid.  I didn't think I was going to be able to eat it all myself but I gobbled it all down and enjoyed every bite.  I was only disappointed when I got to the bottom.  I do think I will definitely try more of these in the future and if you're not into DIY for meals then definitely consider these.  I am considering grabbing some to keep on hand for an emergency supply as well during winter blackouts or if I need to make a quick out of town trip without time to prep meals.  I think the only thing I would want is more fat added (which I know is difficult for meals like this) but I am more low-carb/high fat and the carb count is nearly equal to the fat content.  I'm ready to try their other meals along with their Paleo Bars.  This company definitely gets it right!

Sunday Breakfast

It was mop up time.  I plowed through my eggs, bacon crumbs, and whatever else I had to shuck some weight on the pack.

I'm only about 130 lbs but when moving through the mountains I blast through calories and always need fuel.  I can become a bottomless pit so it is sometimes difficult to gauge what I need, hence the need for higher fat meals.  I still need to conjure up better high fat meals or ingenious ways to add it to my current meals.  I'm all ears for any suggestions.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dehydrating...when is it done?

Here's a quick tip for when dehydrating pretty much anything.  You want to remove all moisture so it doesn't turn rancid or collect mold.  So, if you think it's about done place a piece of or a spoon full of whatever it is you're dehydrating into a ziploc bag and seal.  Wait for a minute or two and see if moisture collects on the bag.  If so, it aint done yet.

That's it.  I like simple things!

I'm getting ready to start prepping for my next trip.  So, I will try and put together my process for making some turkey jerky (with pictures!), which could be applied to beef or whatever meat you prefer.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Paleo Joe Recipe

Ok, so a lot of people have asked for the Paleo Joe recipe (the dehydrated meal in my previous post).  All credit goes to Dana Carpender's "500 Paleo Recipes" book.  There are some gems in this title but some people complain because there are no pictures.  Funny, I don't remember Grandma's recipe box having any pictures either yet I managed to eat just fine.  I know in this day and age people have to have photos before trying something but whatever...get the book, it's cheap with a ton of ideas.  Ironically I don't have any elegant photos of this meal other than me chowing on it in my other post.

So, let's get to it.  Here's what you need:


  • 1.5 Lbs Ground Beef
  • 4 oz Mushrooms (Rough chop)
  • 1 Medium Onion (Chopped)
  • 1/3 Cup Sundried Tomatoes (Chopped)
  • 3 Garlic Cloves Crushed
  • 10oz. Spinach
  • 5 Eggs (Whisked)
  • Salt and Pepper
Note: For the spinach I get frozen because, well, it's already 10oz and I don't have to wait for it to cook down.  Just thaw it prior and wring out the juice in a cheese cloth or clean tea towel.  If you'd prefer Kale or Collards I'm sure both would work just as well.  In fact, this recipe for Sukuma Wiki from The Domestic Man (which uses collards) would make for a perfect dehydrated meal as well with some slight adjustments.


  1.  I change things up a little from the book's recipe.  I always cook onions first.  So get a dollop of your favorite fat (bacon grease, lard, butter, coconut oil etc.) over medium high heat and get your onions cooking in your cast iron skillet.  I usually cook them down a bit until they're translucent.
  2.  Add in your garlic and give it a quick saute (careful not to burn it) 
  3.  Add in your beef and start breaking it down with your spatula and getting the onions worked in.  I always season my meat as I go so, add salt and pepper here.
  4. When the meat is nearly browned, add in your mushrooms and they'll absorb the fat and the flavor.
  5. One the mushrooms begin to break down a bit, and all meat is no longer pink, add in your tomatoes and spinach.  Get all of the ingredients worked in real well.
  6. Now take your whisked eggs and pour them over the mixture.  Keep stirring until the eggs begin to set.  
  7. Add a little more salt and pepper at this point to taste.
Now we have our vat of yumminess.  If it's time for a meal, go ahead and grab a bowl and enjoy.  It's also a good gauge to see how much you might eat on the trail.  Once you are ready for the next step, scoop out a portion for your trail meal and add a little extra to it.  You just hiked 20 miles, you deserve an extra bite, right?!

Now, dehydrate what you have until all moisture is removed.  When you're ready to rehydrate, just add about a cup of boiling water and let it sit for 5-10 minutes.  The burger may have a little crunch if you're impatient like me but it didn't stop me from gobbling this down.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

I have a sample from PaleoMealsToGo that I will be reviewing in the very near future.  I have gotten behind on updating this blog (which is of no surprise to me) and thus my review of the product.  I am an IT guy in my professional life so it overshadows my hobbies and extracurricular activities more often than not.  If I had it my way I would spend my days promoting Paleo to everyone, hiking, and doing fun things but money rules our society and we kind of need it to survive and work prevails.  So, I update when I can or rather when I am thinking about it.

I am usually a DIY type when it comes to preparing my own meals for the trail but if this dehydrated meal works out then you better believe I will use it quite often.  There are a handful of positive reviews already and I hope to add my own to the stack.  If you're not one to create your own meals and don't wish to eat the other junk from REI or your local outfitter (which I can't blame you) then this will be a good place to visit in the future.  I am also all for small start-ups when they're trying their best to do the right thing with nutrition.  I will gladly pay extra for a quality product that matches my needs.

Anyway, have a look at their wares and I will be back with a review of the product as soon as I am able.

Coconutter Squares

Ok, so I am not very good at food photography and in fact I am terrible but you get the idea of what this should look like.  I also lied, saying I wold have this out before last weekend.  Life has a funny way of distracting your best intentions though.

So, let's make some Coconutter Squares for your next trip! This thing is a fat bomb as it is almost completely Coconut Butter/Manna.  This recipe is totally free-form but it will give you an idea on how to modify it on your own as you see fit.  You'll need some Coconut Butter, a trail mix of your choosing, and some cinnamon.

Scoop out about a half a cup of coconut butter and toss it in a small sauce pan.  Heat it on low and keep an eye on things as it heats up.  You just want to melt it without burning it so be patient.  Add some cinnamon along the way as you stir and melt.  I have no measurement for this but I do like a lot of cinnamon personally.

Once your coconut butter is fully melted, add a little trail mix at a time until there is a decent ratio of mix to coconut.  Add as little or as much as you want.  I liked a trail mix with just a little dried fruit mixed in.  The coconut butter is naturally sweet to me so it doesn't take much to make it super sweet.

After you get everything mixed together, pour it into a mold of your choosing.  I have some little glass dishes for storage that I use (hence the shape in the photo).  If you're worried about it sticking, just line your mold with a little wax paper.  Just be mindful of folds in the wax paper as it will get stuck easily and you may be munching on wax paper on the trail  (Yes this has happened to me).

So, that's it!  It's a very simple creation and can be modified as needed.  Heck, add some vanilla or even some clean chocolate chips if you dare.  If you've ever eaten coconut butter from the jar you know it's a little dry but its super yummy and satiating.  It forces you to drink some extra water which is never a bad thing on the trail anyway.

If you want a printable version of this I have it on my other website