Friday, October 30, 2015

Extra Life and Thoughts

Per usual I am behind on posting anything about my latest trip and/or what I created.  I will certainly get around to it but it was a truncated trip so I didn't even get to re-hydrate my dinner.  I am working on something more important as of late.....

I'd like to take a moment to talk about what I am doing on Nov 7th.  I am a nerd and nerds play video games.  Except, in a few short days, my gaming will be purely for the benefit of the Children's Miracle Network and specifically Duke's Children Hospital.  People from around the nation will be playing games for 24 hours in a nerd-a-thon in order to raise money for their chosen hospital.  I've been trying to get some sponsors and donors but haven't made it very far into my $500 goal yet so I am extending out to the world, strangers, and anyone reading my blog to donate a couple dollars to this cause.  I'd rather you donate to this over clicking any of my affiliate links.

If you have a big heart and some spare money, please consider donating through this link.  I wish I had something to offer like a prize to win as incentive, but I do not.  Instead, use it as a tax write-off or to kick-off the holiday season with a gift to pay for the care of some really sick or injured kids.

For the GearHeads!

I'm sure most of you have seen the news so far that REI will be closing for Black Friday.  Kudos to them and I hope it sets a trend for others.  In fact, as of last night, I read that Outdoor Research will be doing the same.  BRAVO to both of these companies.  Earlier in the week I had contacted Outdoor Research due to some adhesive goo in my aging bivy sack.  This thing is nearly 20 years old.  The return response is that that want to replace my bag completely with a brand new one.  Outdoor Research just went way up the chart in my reputable companies list, not to mention they have some pretty decent gear.

I'd like to start adding in some reviews on my experience with gear and or companies in the near future to complement my lack of updates with Paleo-specific posts.  I know you can get reviews all day long from various sites but I wouldn't mind pitching in my own thoughts every once in a while.  Would anyone be interested in reading more of my drivel on the equipment I use?  Let me know.

Thank you all for anyone that has read this blog in this past.  I know I don't update often but I want to share what works for me and I certainly hope it helps others.